25 Of The Most Popular Ebay Items For Christmas – #17 Citizen Eco Drive Watch

Citizen Eco Drive Watch For Christmas

Christmas is almost here, do you know whats hot? The key to making sales all holiday season, is knowing what’s hot this season including the Citizen Eco Drive Watch. Your sales boost can be close to 100% of your auctions selling.

Most powersellers consider selling 80% of your auctions selling a great day. So to us powersellers, Christmas is a gold rush! Today I will be telling you about the 25 hottest items selling on ebay for Christmas. Citizen Eco Drive Watch

These are the items all the kids are asking their parents for. So you can be sure, there are millions of parents who will shop on ebay, so they don’t let their kids down this Christmas.

According to Ebay’s hot list, these are the items you should be selling if you are an ebay merchant.

1. iPhone

2. Webkinz / Lil’Kinz

3. Transformers

4. Collectible Barbie

5. Dooney & Bourke Zebra Tote

6. Nintendo Wii

7. T.M.X. Friends – Ernie & Cookie Monster

8. BCBG Dress

9. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

10. Rock Band Video Game

11. iPod nano 8GB (Black)

12. The Simpsons

13. PlayStation 3

14. I’m Not A Plastic Bag

15. Motorola RAZR2

16. Designer Fragrances

17. Citizen Eco Drive Watch

18. Nike Air Max 360 II

19. Abercrombie & Fitch Hoodie Jacket

20. Dept. 56 Snow Villages

21. Nike SasQuatch Sumo2

22. Gibson Electric Guitar

23. Craftsman Hand Tool Set

24. Burton Snowboard

25. Vtech Gadget

The Ebay hot list is located at pages.ebay.com/sellercentral/holidayhotlist/2007/technology.html

You can also find what else is hot on Ebay there. They have items in 10 other categories that will be hot sellers. The categories are technology, toys, collectibles, sporting goods, musical instruments, media, health and beauty, home, jewelry and watches, and clothing shoes and accessories.

So learn what is selling this December and buy a bulk quantity. You can guarantee yourself profit by studying this hot list and putting it to use. For example, if you buy 1000 iphones with $50 profit on each unit. You will make $50,000 profit this December on selling iphones. My goal is to make $50,000 this December. What is your goal?

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