A Citizen Eco-Drive Review – The Citizen Skyhawk Watch

The Citizen Skyhawk Eco-Drive JR3155-54E is an incredibly popular watch with some fantastic features. The watch is currently selling like crazy, consumers can’t get enough of this watch. So let’s find out why!

First of all the look of the watch would have any wannabe commando drooling, in one glance you can tell that the watch is packed with features, but not so much that the dial is overcrowded. It’s got a very cool special-ops vibe and harnesses the power of Citizen’s “Eco-Drive” technology.

Eco-Drive technology is quite ingenious, it allows your watch to absorb sunlight during the day and charge itself with that energy! How cool is that? Even more impressive, artificial light can even be converted to energy by the crystal inside of this watch. This alone has convinced many a watch lover to strap one to their wrist.

Here are the main features of the watch:

  • Time and calendar in 22 time zones (30 cities)
  • Three world time alarms
  • 1/100 second chronograph measures up to 24 hours of elapsed time
  • 99 minute countdown timer
  • One-touch interchangeable analog/digital times
  • Rotating slide rule bezel
  • Screw-back case
  • Water resistant to 330 feet
  • Scratch resistant

There is one downside to the watch unfortunately. The backscreen of the watch is black, which is all very cool, but it can be difficult to read in low light areas.

At first some people are surprised by the weight of the watch on their wrist. It’s not that heavy, but is a little heavier than most watches like it. In my opinion though, it’s nice to have a little weight on the wrist, maybe because my brain associates weight with quality.

Whatever the case, the Citizen Eco-Drive Skyhawk is a fantastic watch which as won over many admirers, it is highly recommended.

The Citizen Eco-Drive is available cheaper online than you’ll be able to find in any retail store. I’d advise you to shop around for a cheap deal online as it could end up saving you a lot of money!

For a video review of this watch and one of the cheapest places available to buy watches, click here: Citizen Skyhawk Review

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