The Citizen Ladies Stainless Steel Watch EW9240-54A is one of the top-selling watches in the Citizen Ladies Eco Watch line. It’s received 5-star ratings across the boards from women who own it, stating it is not only elegant but also that it is the most reliable watch that they have ever owned.

Like other watches in the Citizen Ladies Eco Watch collection, the Citizen Ladies Stainless Steel Watch EW9240-54A utilizes Eco-Drive technology from Citizen – meaning that the watch uses light-absorption only for it’s power, never requiring a battery replacement.

This particular watch is known for being “everyday” but is loved for it’s ability to go from work to the gym, then to an elegant occasion without a hitch, and is able to withstand an enormous amount of activity. Single-tone stainless steel with white dial color, this watch is lovely but very subtle and professional-looking.

Some of the feature highlights of the Citizen Ladies Stainless steel Watch EW9240-54A include:

  • Fold-over safety clasp so the watch stays on securely
  • 5 Year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Citizen Eco-Drive movement
  • Water resistant – the watch will not get ruined from rain or accidental splashing
  • Thin (6.5 millimeters)

Some other benefits from the watches in the Citizen Ladies Eco Watch collection are:

  • When the battery runs low the watch continues to maintain the correct time, but saves on energy by the second-hand moving two seconds forward for every two seconds passed (rather than it’s normal movement of one second forward per second). This serves as a “notice” that the watch should be charged by being placed in light.
  • When fully charged, the watch can run completely normally from anywhere between 45 days to 5 years.

Cost for the Citizen Ladies Stainless Steel Watch EW9240 is around $225.00 in retail stores.

Is it worth the money? My opinion – from what I’ve seen and and from consumer reviews, this watch is a great investment, will outlast most any ladies’ watch available. Plus, the low-maintenance factor makes it a real money-saver over time.

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