Citizen Women’s Eco-Drive Stainless Steel Gift Watch

That Citizen Watch Company is always on the lookout for new, better and latest technology is that the watch lovers get better performance throughout the life of the watch. The company tries to keep itself up to date as far as the watch technology is concerned. This is the reason it introduced Eco-Drive technology in watch industry for the first time in 1995.

The energy that provides the watch is produced by a solar cell. Citizen Eco-Drive watches use a very simple yet most technically advanced power generating and storage system in the watch making industry. The ability of eco-drive technology to convert any source of light into electric energy is the use of unlimited resources of the nature which is free of cost is a breakthrough in the watch making history. Citizen watches use the simple yet most technically advanced power generating and storage system ever used in the watch making industry. It uses a thin microns disc made of amorphous silicon solar cell fitted beneath the dial. This converts the light into electrical energy, which drives the watch, through a process known as photovoltaic process.

A special eco-drive energy storage cell is used to store electric energy which is converted from natural source of light. This process does not produce nor incorporate pollution or harmful metals such as cadmium, lead or mercury. Since it does not produce pollution it is also known as environment friendly.

The citizen watches are made scratch proof with the help of mineral crystals. For this purpose, synthetic sapphire is used. This is an expensive transparent material which is most scratch resistant. When this material is heated at high temperature it forms into round masses which are the sliced with the help of diamond coated saws. These slices are then crushed to form into powder. The glass of the watch is then polished with the crushed synthetic sapphire to make it scratch resistant.


1. If you happen to purchase this watch directly from, you can avail a comprehensive five years limited warranty.

2. This model of the watch is water resistant up to the depth of30 meters or 99 feet inside the water.

3. The shape of the watch is rectangular

4. The diameter of the case is 17mm, case thickness 6.5 mm and band width 13 mm.

5. Case and band material are stainless steel.

6. Case and band are silver while the dial is white and the watch weighs 8.8 ounces.


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