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Eco Drive Watch Review

Some people may wonder to know what the eco drive watch is. Exactly, an eco drive watch is a solar watch which is produced by Citizen Watch Limited Corporation. The eco drive watch has a special titanium lithium ion battery inside which is charged by an amorphous silicon solar cell located behind its case.

The eco drive watch is a thermo watch which is able to create thermoelectricity that achieves the electronic movement. It utilizes the temperature differences between the surrounding environment and the wearer’s wrist as a power source.

Relying on the electronic movement, a fully charged secondary power cell can work at most 3175 days without further charging. If this watch is kept in the dark for long time, some movement modes will be in the mode of hibernation.Eco Drive Watch

It means that the hands of the watch will stop running but the internal quartz movement will still keep track of time. If the timepiece is given enough light, the hands will be able to resume their proper positions and continue the normal function.

Everyone is talking about the Eco Drive Watch

As for the prices, these watches range between 135 dollars and 1750 dollars according to the make, model and material. Some of the superb models embrace distinct features such as power reserve indicators, calendars, water resistance, atomic World Timekeeping with Radio-Controlled Accuracy and so on.

If you want to find a timepiece with a unique style with superior quality, you had better purchase the superior model. But if you are looking for a casual watch which you do not want to charge, consider buying the lower-end model. They are still waterproof with many styles which can also fit your needs.

Look for local department stores such as Macy’s or on Citizen Watch’s website to find nice casual watches. If you are looking for a discount, Macy’s and always embrace lower prices than the official website of Eco Drive Watch.

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