Ladies Sports Watches – The Citizen Women’s Eco-Drive Self-Charging Sports Watch

Eco-Drive Ladies Sports Watches are a quality, self-powering or “eco-driven” watch, drawing energy from natural sunlight or even lamp light so that the watch battery need not be replaced over the lifetime of the watch.

Watches that recharge themselves are one of more recent innovations. The Citizen watch company, who has been around since 1924 have in fact claimed the title of world’s largest watch maker, an achievement they have held since the year 1986. In the watch maker’s history they have come out with many fresh innovations and advances in watch technology. The company boasts a voice recognition watch, an innovative dive watch with an electronic depth sensor and the world’s thinnest LCD watch among it’s achievements.

The self powering watch is one of Citizen’s recent inventions, their “Eco” range covers all types of watches from sport watches to dress models, with a wide range of attractive designs to choose from. Eco-Drive women’s sports watches lie within the following categories:

  • Calibre 4700
  • Professional Diver
  • Gold-Tone
  • Two-Tone
  • Riva
  • Silhouette
  • Serano
  • Aviara

There are a few common questions people ask about Citizen Eco-drive watches which we will now take the time to answer:

I am not sure if my Eco-Drive is getting sufficient light? How can I tell?

The Eco-Drive watch draws watch at all times from natural sunlight, artificial fluorescent lamp light or an incandescent lamp. In the unlikely event an Eco Drive watch is low on power, the “Low Charge Warning Mode” will activate causing the second hand to jump two seconds at a time. Don’t worry, the watch will still keep the correct time when this happens.

How long will my Eco-Drive watch battery last in low-light conditions?

Depending on the particular model, a Citizen Eco-Drive watch will run from 45 days to 5 years. But this is not a concern unless your watch is placed in a location where there is no light at all available to it.

What Types of Light will Recharge My Eco-Drive Watch?

The Eco-Drive watch line is designed to use different types of both natural and artificial light sources to recharge itself. Fluorescent lamp light (within about 8 inches), an incandescent lamp (a regular light bulb no closer than 20 inches) and of course natural sunlight are all effective light sources that your Eco-Drive watch can use. The most effective of these being direct natural sunlight.

Are there Any Types of Light Sources That I Should Avoid?

Avoid using a halogen lamp. The heat generated can damage your Eco-Drive watch.

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