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Mens Wrist Watches Review

Mens Wrist Watches


In men’s gift ideas, men’s watches have fallen further down the wish list in the past few years, thanks to smartphones, MP3 players and the myriad other technologies that hold consumer attention – and often tell the time as well. However, this very fact makes them a unique gift for men, and men’s watches apply technologies in unique ways.

Let’s take a look at some examples.

Mens Wrist Watches by Citizen have always been a men’s fashion statement. They’re also smart technology. The latest example for this is the Citizen Eco Drive. This superb watch shows how the company remains ahead of the competition. This watch never needs a battery change, making it ecologically friendly as well as geeky, as it draws energy from any light source. The promo for this watch calls it unstoppable, using NFL star Eli Manning as its spokesman.

Mens Wrist Watches In-Depth

Nike’s Mens Wrist Watches called the Oregon Series Lance Armstrong 4 features a sleek design and a suite of geeky, gadgety features. Included in this watch, you’ll find a digital compass with constant readout, an altimeter that tells height above sea level and a barometer to tell your man the impending weather. And unlike most smartphones, this all comes in a waterproof casing.

The Bertolucci Mens Wrist Watches also provides affordable style. It’s not necessarily techie but it’s an elegant watch that can be found for some very reasonable prices. It’s a watch that tells your man, “I definitely care about you.”

Whether a watch provides unique techie, geeky functions or not, Mens Wrist Watches provide a unique alternative to just another smartphone, MP3 player or cell phone.

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