Numero Uno – Citizen Eco Drive Watches

I honestly never thought I’d ever own a watch that was capable of doing all that the Citizen Eco-Drive could, but my wife purchased this one for me as a birthday gift. You never really know what you’re missing until you try something that is this high calibre.

The first thing you notice is its size. At first it looks huge, but it doesn’t feel that way when I wear it. In fact, it feels natural. It seems like something an astronaut might wear.

I read online somewhere that even though it has a slide rule, hardly anybody uses it. That boggles my mind! I’m constantly using mine, as I do business overseas quite frequently, and it’s super handy to be able to convert kilometers to miles, do currency conversions, etc.

This watch requires the least maintenance of any watch I’ve ever seen. Since it’s atomic clock controlled, you never need to change the battery or set it. I only wish my wife were this much maintenance.

The colors on the face do stand out quite a bit, but are not gaudy or tasteless. It’s very easy to see, even in the dark.

There are so many functions with this watch that I’ll probably still be discovering new ones this time next year. For example, the literature says it has an alarm clock, but I’ve not figured out how to access it just yet.

If you travel at all, you’ll definitely want to have this watch. If, for no other reason, the world timer and currency conversion functions.

They say that men have a thing for size and busy dials. Well, if this watch is any indication, they are correct, at least as far as I’m concerned. I find myself constantly turning the dials, looking to discover some new function I’ve not yet used.

This isn’t the kind of watch you just start wearing and then figure out all the functions by yourself. If you don’t read the available material, you probably will never figure out everything this watch can do.

My wife loves to watch my face when I’m figuring out a new function. I just smile and say, “It sure beats the tie I got last year!”

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