Watches Are Eco-Friendly Electronics

If you’re at all concerned about the environment or about going green, you might stop yourself from shopping for the latest electronics and think about a wrist watch instead. While electronics like smart phones and other gadgets are very popular we all know how quickly these things become obsolete. On the other hand (pun unintended) watches can be timeless. (Um, that pun I meant. Sorry.)

While most electronics will be too big, too slow or just too old within six months, watches have an appeal that lasts forever. For example, there are vintage watches that collectors around the world seek out. Quite often these actually increase in value over time. Fine watches of today are no different from fine watches of the past.

Some watches have a unique movement (the inner clockwork that is always ingeniously intricate) or is set with gems or gold. These are just some of the features that can make a men’s or women’s wrist watch timeless.

Aside from the fact that electronics become obsolete they also have batteries that need to be replaced and these often end up in landfills. Watches are built with much smaller batteries than most electronics and there are a number of watchmakers who are coming out with eco-friendly watches.

While your iThis or iThat is rotting in a dump somewhere, its battery leaking toxins for the next few eons, these watches might still be collected and fawned over for generations to come.

Some excellent eco-friendly watches are as follows:

Citizen’s line of Eco-Drive watches features a number of superior models. One that stands out is the Eco-Drive Skyhawk Black Eagle. This watch, which retails for less than $300, features three world time alarms and a power save function that reduces battery usage significantly. Like its spokesman, Eli Manning, the Citizen Eco-Drive is well respected for being “unstoppable.”

The Seiko Orange Monster is another unique beauty. While some models in the Orange Monster line go for less than $100, these provide some of the most reliable mechanical movements in dive watches. The Orange Monster is so well loved that it has its own fan club.

The MTM Blackhawk, as seen on the wrist of 24’s Jack Bauer has a battery made of lithium ion. It only needs to be charge once every two months and lasts 10 years or more. On top of that its durability and low maintenance means it’s been tested and passed for use by the Secret Service and Delta Force.

So ask yourself, are you man enough to wear this watch? And do you want to keep time using your gadget- of-the-month landfill-next-month? Take a step forward in eco-friendly electronics. Buy a wrist watch instead.

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